How to Choose an Amazon Sales Estimator

06 Mar 2020 01:19

An Amazon Sales Estimator is a must-have tool for checking your monthly sales. Here are the top 7 most popular estimators out there.

If you are an Amazon seller you know that an Amazon Sales Estimator will help you check your average monthly sales in an easy and effective way. These tools can be used for specific categories, products or even for bulk inventory.

You can use them to estimate your future sales, to anticipate competition or to help you analyze the performance of your products. This information will help you boost your sales and market your products better.

Sales Estimator

Why Do You Need a Sales Estimator

Amazon is massive with millions of sellers and billions of customers and products sold worldwide. Of course, there are other marketplaces it competes within various categories but it remains the biggest and most competitive place on the internet.

If you want to succeed in this market you need a competitive advantage. For most sellers, these metrics are exactly what helps them grow their business. An Amazon sales rank calculator will make it easier to forecast your future performance.

Here is a list of the 7 most used Amazon Sales Estimator tools out there.

1.    Jungle Scout Estimator

 Jungle Scout is a free Amazon sales volume estimator that is available on its website. However, it should be used only as a rough estimate because it is based entirely on sales ranking. So, users must have a rough sales estimate to be able to get any additional information like the number of reviews and sellers of any given product in the various categories. 

2. Unicorn Smasher Sales Estimator

Unicorn Smasher is another free tool that can be used for very basic data. Unfortunately, the data is not very accurate. So, the information should be used as a rough guide and preferably not as a base for any major decisions.

3. Helloprofit 

Helloprofit is more than an Amazon sales rank estimator it is a complete business manager and features different data from fees to profits, promo rebates and gross sales as well as payment information. The tool comes with a free 21 day trial period. The tool has fast and reliable customer support, it is also reliable and easy to navigate. Helloprofit supports the following markets the USA, UK and Canada. The disadvantages of the tool are that is slow and doesn’t offer a lot of filtering options.

amazon sales rank estimator

 4. Amachete

Amachete is a fairly basic profitability estimator and a browser plugin, one of the few available in Japan. It is a browser plugin that users can use to calculate estimates sales from Amazon pages. The software has three packages: Researcher, Active Seller and Empire Builder. It is a useful tool, but there are better packages for the same price.

 5. AMZ Tracker 

The AMZ Tracker is a basic but quite effective Amazon sales estimator that can be compared with Jungle Scout. However, the tool can only be applied to bestselling products which means it may not be appropriate for all sellers. The tracker has three different packages and pricing options – Basic, Professional, God and Legend.

6. ASINspector

ASINspector is accurate, reliable and overall a great tool with impressive customer reviews and excellent customer support. Certainly, it is not the cheapest tool out there. It offers two different packages, but only one of them includes sales estimator. The tool also has a profit calculator, product analysis, UPC barcode scanner, instant payout and more. It is an expensive option but the package is quite comprehensive and excellent for experienced Amazon FBA sellers. It also covers different marketplaces like USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Germany and France.

7. AMZshark

 AMZshark is great for those looking for a good package with a solid sales estimator. AMZ Shark has industry-leading features that allow users to view monthly sales, reviews, number of competitors, but it requires keywords to be entered for the search. The tool supports 12 marketplaces and is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective options on the market.

Final Verdict

 We hope this list has given you an idea of what is best for the needs of your Amazon FBA business. If you are a beginner in Amazon you better pick a cheaper tool, if you are an experienced seller you can look for good deals and packages with suitable features. If you are looking for more features and data in one tool, maybe Helloprofit is the best option for you. All the tools mentioned above are quite popular and used, so pick the one that fits your needs best and make the most out of it.






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