FBA Toolkit Review

30 Mar 2020 02:46

FBA Toolkit is a software toolkit developed by Pathfinding S.A. The toolkit was designed for Amazon FBA sellers, and it offers a range of features to help sellers optimize their sales on Amazon.

The Amazon FBA toolkit comes with three main features; price list analysis, sales rank, and product tracker. The sales rank feature is designed to give an estimate of the total daily sales made on a particular product.

FBA toolkit also allows you to upload a spreadsheet with UPCs/EANs/ASIN and estimated cost. You can also get current offers, profit, markup, and estimated sales rate. The toolkit also comes with a product tracker that helps you keep tabs on prices, stock, and sales for selected merchants.


Getting Started With the FBA Toolkit

Using the FBA toolkit can be quite straightforward. To get the estimate of sales, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to the information section of the product. Check for the category and find the product in the list.
  2. Search the category. You can then input the BSR rank you are interested in
  3. The FBA Toolkit will present the data for the product next to the input field.

The FBA Toolkit is a fantastic resource if you are trying to conduct product research. The BSR history gives necessary information on the performance of a product during a specific timeframe.

FBA Toolkit Features

As earlier mentioned, the FBA toolkit has three significant features:

1.   Sales rank

This FBA toolkit feature gives daily estimates on the sales of a product in a category. This feature can be accessed for free.

2.   Price list analysis

Also, in carrying out price analysis, you can use the FBA toolkit to get current offers, predicted sales rates, profit margins, markups, and other information on the product. All you have to do is upload a spreadsheet with UPCs, EANs, or ASINs. You can also use the FBA toolkit apps for barcodes.

3.   Product tracker

The FBA toolkit feature helps you stand out from the competition. You can keep tabs on the price, stock, and sales of competitors and their products. This would help in making some important business decisions.

FBA Toolkit Pricing

Currently, FBA Toolkit has five pricing plans. However, it is important to find a plan that suits you before making any payments as there are no refunds. The FBA toolkit pricing plans include;

·     Scouter Plan ($5 per month)

This plan comes with the first month free, and the features include;

1.    100 price list rows daily.

2.    Ten tracked products.

3.    100 barcode scan daily.

·     Starter ($50 per month)

1.    250 tracked products

2.    500 barcode scans daily.

3.    1000 price list rows daily.

4.    You get access to all tracked products.

·     Business ($250 per month)

1.    1000 barcode scans daily.

2.    2500 tracked products.

3.    5000 price list daily.

4.    You get access to all tracked products.

·     Enterprise ($500 per month)

This plan covers eight Amazon marketplaces: Spain, the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Mexico. You also get:

1.    10000 tracked products.

2.    15000 price list rows daily.

3.    2000 barcode scans daily.

4.    Training and support from the FBA toolkit.

5.    Merchant sales volume.

6.    Comprehensive reports.

7.    API access.

8.    Access to all tracked products.

·     Elite ($1000 per month)

This plan also covers eight Amazon marketplaces: Spain, the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Mexico. You also get:

1.    30000 tracked products

2.    50000 price list rows every day

3.    5000 barcode scans every day

4.    Training and support

5.    Comprehensive reports

6.    Access to all tracked products on the website.

7.    Merchant sales volume

8.    API access.

9.    Access to historical data.

  FBA Toolkit

Considering the wide range of options to choose from with respect to software tools for Amazon FBA Sellers, there is a large competition for the FBA toolkit. Their no refund policy is a turnoff for a lot of users, but if you have no problems with the policy, then you can consider the FBA toolkit. The FBA toolkit does not also cover the Amazon China and Japan.

Another downside that might be a turnoff for users of the FBA toolkit is the interface of the software, considering that competitors are doing more with their interfaces, a lot of users might just find the interface of the FBA toolkit bland.

However, in all the toolkit offers Amazon sellers good functionality, and you are sure to get value for money spent.


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