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18 Mar 2020 06:29

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Amazon seller central is an online platform which allows anybody to become a retailer on Amazon. When you make use of Amazon seller central, you can be an online seller without having any fear about things like handling payments, designing and maintaining a personal website and so on. When you make use of Amazon seller central, you can sell directly to Amazon's customers.

Amazon seller central is an e-commerce strategy that is concentrated on using web platform created Amazon to make sales on Amazon. It is more or less like having a mini online store whereby, sellers would be able to display and sell their products directly to Amazon's customers.

When a seller sells through Amazon seller central, the seller will have access to his products, receive orders and control the pricing of his products (Let’s assume the seller is a male). The seller can also manage his selling account, add some product information, modify his inventory from time to time, and manage orders and payments.

Features of Amazon Seller Central

Amazon seller central gives sellers on Amazon an opportunity to own their own store where they can display all their products and earn more profit. Here are some of the features we gathered. 

1.   Amazon Seller Central offers quick payment techniques without any complications. Several measures have been put in place to ensure that your payments are safe and secured.

2.   It provides with an opportunity to make big profit on their goods. Sellers making use of Amazon FBA are prioritized by Amazon as far as product ranking is concerned.

3.   Sellers have total control over their product listing and shipping.

When a seller joins Amazon, a navigation bar always appears at the top of the seller's central page for starters. The navigation tabs in Amazon seller central includes;

·        Inventory

·        Orders

·        Reports

·        Performance

·        Settings

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While the Amazon seller central widget which is created to assist sellers. It shows information that is linking to the seller’s web stores. It also brings back feedback to sellers about orders, order return requests and messages from buyers. They include the following;

·        Your orders

·        Headlines

·        Performance

·        Payments summary.



If you are just a starter in Amazon seller central, it might take a little time for you to comprehend the features and make use of them for your own benefit.

1.   Use only one account for each market place

You only need one account. It doesn't mean if you are selling different products. This would reduce the stress and increase your focus and productivity.

2.   Use the Two-Step Authentication to secure your account

Since Amazon now presents two-step authentication, nobody would be able to log in even with the fact that they know your password. This is because one has to log in with a password and also have to log in with a security code. You can also receive the code through text message, voice call or through an authentication app.

3.    Select FBA for amazon seller central

As a seller using Amazon FBA, you won't have to deal with any difficult work like shipping and handling. So you're going to have enough time to concentrate on expanding your business.

4.    Respond to customer's queries very fast.

Customers would always have one complain or the other. It is your duty always be available to give adequate responds to their complaints. If you fail to respond to their comments, you may lose the client.

5.    Win The Buy Box

Endeavor to get your products listed on Amazon buy box. According some stats, a large percentage of sales happen in the amazon buy box. This indicates that once your products win the buy box, there is a high tendency for you to get more visits as well as more customers.


What makes an item so great is its benefits. Before we can conclude that jungle scout is good, let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


·        Seller central gives you all the information you need free of charge. You can also make use of Amazon customer data which can be used for several things.

·        The seller has the capacity to influence retail pricing so as to ensure you to keep a balanced retail pricing for other channel partners.

·        The greatest thing about Amazon seller central is that sellers have control over their products. They can easily track their products.

·        Amazon takes full responsibility for all the late deliveries and failed orders. This is to say, you have nothing to worry about while using Amazon services.

·        It offers quick payment. This means that you will always have some cash to carry out your business activities. You don’t have to wait for long before receiving your payment.


·        It is not advisable to sell a product at a low price under Amazon seller central as one shipping and fulfilment charges is always greater than the cost of the product.

·        Most times, the shipping and fulfillment fee can reduce one's ability to sell products at lower prices. It can bring burden over a seller when he or she has to deal with handling returns and product messaging.  

·        It may reduce the number of sales coming in. Since you will be paying for a number of things from shipping to packaging, you will have to add it the price rate of your product to earn a profit. 



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